News Events

September 15 – 6:00pm-8:00pm

Join us as Manda Pennock presents “Introducing the target – an introduction to training”. Manda will build on what she introduced at the May meeting.
If you missed the May session, join us anyway.

We are hoping to have an even better turnout than we had in May , which was our best turnout this year.

Parrots are welcome, too!

Thank you to the Existing Executive Members!

Alysa – Webmaster

Rex – Treasurer

Vicki is overseeing the Facebook pages and the overall club.

Beth is temporarily filling in for membership and newsletter.

Monique is helping bring in speakers.

We need YOU!

Would you please help us find people who love parrots and who want to keep the club running well? Contact us to apply for a position.

Several club positions are vacant:

– Membership Coordinator

– Newsletter Editor

– Event Coordinator

– Benefits Coordinator